Siberian Cat Temperament

c8Owning a Siberian cat will change your life – for the better. These rewarding cats will become your dearest friend and intimate buddy. They will amuse and entertain you and make life simpler and easier to live.

Originating in the unforgiving climate of the ancient Russian forests of Siberia, these cats still roam the Siberian forests and outlands in large numbers today. Even so, Siberians are valued and prized as pets by Russians because of their loyalty and charm. Trade into the rest of the world began with the fall of Communism in 1990.

Russians are fond of cats as pets and most Russian families had Siberians as the pet their children grew up with, even to the extent of featuring in Russian fairytales as protectors of children and guides to mystical realms beyond our human senses.

These cats began to appear in historical records around the year 1000AD. They served to protect grain and other farm produce from vermin and were favoured and cared for by Russian traders and farmers. This was a crucial role because Russia’s economy was agricultural. Shopkeepers traded boasts with each other about whose Siberian was the sleekest and biggest.

Siberians are charming and affectionate and will greet you when you come home after being out. They like to be near their owners and to spend time with them.

Their conversation is marked with chirping, mewling, plenty of purrs and thrills and much sweetness in their quiet and melodic manner. Nearly anything will do for a toy and anything for a game and a bit of fun – even playing fetch like a dog. Siberians will take some initiative in play, but also love to sit on your lap while being groomed. They are friendly, affectionate, charming and loyal.

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