Indoor Cats


Pet owners often worry about their cats escaping through the front door and either running away or being hit by a car.  

Use these simple techniques to train your cat to stay away from the front door.

To keep your cat from approaching the door, train your cat to recognise a designated spot where they can greet you when you get home.  You should choose an area that is about five to ten feet from the door.  When leaving in the morning and coming home at night, do not acknowledge your cat until you have reached that spot.  You can reinforce this by giving them their favourite treats or toys in this location.

There are several devices on the market that make a loud noise or emit a spray whenever your cat approaches the door.  A more simple way is to hang a noise maker on your door.  Whenever you open or close your door, this device with make a noise that should scare your cat.  Often, your cat will learn quickly and you shouldn’t have to use these devices for very long.

Training your cat to stay away from the front door is simple and takes very little time.  Follow this advice to decrease the chances of your pet running away.

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