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My family have just given a home to a 12 week old Siberian Kitten. The only issue of concern so far is that she has poo’d outside of her litter tray a couple of times.
I always suggest to new kitten owners to have the kitten in a small room, such as the laundry or bathroom (make sure that the room is cat proof – keep the toilet closed!!!), so that she gets used to her small place first before you introduce the rest of the home slowly. You need to keep the litter tray always very clean, make sure that you use the same type of tray and the same litter as the breeder.

My new Siberian kitten is with us since 3 days and crying and calling for us all the time, what can we do?
After all she has just left her mother, brothers and sisters and travelled to another house which all must be strange to her, I expect this to be stressful and she needs lots of love and attention. I believe you will quickly stop this problem within a week. Try to give her new interactive toys and make sure that she has her own bed and scratching post.

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