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The Siberian is, on experience, a hypo-allergenic breed at the very least. There is much less likelihood of an allergic reaction to this breed of cats. 30% of households in Australia have a cat as pet and cats are now more popular than dogs as pets there.

With so many people suffering allergic reactions to cats, a low allergy breed is the purrfect solution for many who would otherwise miss out on the pleasure of owning a cat.

A cat’s hair length has nothing to do with allergies. Allergic reactions are triggered by a glyco-protein (Fel d1) produced by the sebaceous glands of skin (all areas of the fur, particularly the neck), saliva and urine.

When cats groom, saliva mixes with dander (dead skin), which becomes airborne when dry and spreads around the house. These particles are small and usually cannot be removed by household air filters. The allergic reaction in humans is triggered by the contact of these particles with the skin or by inhalation of these particles. These reactions vary from red, itchy skin rash, through difficulty breathing, to sneezing, watery irritated eyes, scratchy throat and maybe an itchy, runny nose.

The hypo-allergenic qualities of the Siberian remain a bit of a mystery, and no theory about it has yet been medically or scientifically substantiated. Some theories speculate that Fel d1 levels are lower than the usual house cat, or absent completely.

Another theory suggests low dander production, due to the characteristic tight, thick undercoat and oily top coat. This is said to leave the skin moist and so lower the production and spread of dander. On the down side, if the allergy-sufferer is vulnerable to IgE late trigger antibody reaction, there is an increased risk of an allergic reaction, even to a beautiful Siberian. However, many people will testify that, while they are allergic to other cats, they are happily allergy-free with Siberians.

We do offer fur testing, for 30 AUD which includes shipping and is deducted from your final price of the kitten. We have never had a family who could not keep their siberian kitten due to allergies. We recommend a fur sample if you or anyone in your home are allergic to cats.

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