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Siberians are one of the largest cats, about the same size as a Maine Coon, but more like a pet dog in personality, and more appealing. Its head is a large, rounded wedge shape, more circular than triangular. The beautiful Siberian is extremely loyal and affectionate.

RECOGNIZED CATEGORY / DIVISIONS/COLORS: Traditional Category, all Divisions, all colors.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Siberians are large and strong, taking about 5 years to fully mature, and the males are larger than the females. Their long, arched and slightly curved back appears straight when they’re moving and their powerful muscles make them very agile. They’re great at jumping and the muscles of their convex waist and compact belly develop with maturity. Their forelegs are slightly shorter than their hind. Large and powerful, their round paws add to their general appearance of size and strength when they are alert and in good condition. The impression of soft curves adds to the appeal of their facial expression, compared to the sharper, more angular look of similar breeds.

HEAD: The medium-sized head is broader at the skull, narrowing to a rounded muzzle and full chin. The top of the head is flat, leading to a slight curve before the tip of the nose. Slight curvature of the muzzle blends smoothly with the gentle transition from the side of the head, while the cheekbones are neither set high nor do they stand out. The strong, muscular neck is medium to long and rounded.

TAIL: Medium length, wide at the base, blunt-tipped. No kinks or ticking, with thick, even fur.

EARS: Wide, medium to large, set evenly between sides and top of head, ideally separated by 1-1.5 ear widths. Forward tilt and rounded, ideally Lynx-tipped. Hair is short and thin on the back of the ears, becoming longer through the middle, completely coating the base.

EYES: Wide-set, rounded eyes angle slightly towards the lower base of the ear at the corners. Eye-colour is typically yellow-green and is unrelated to coat colour or pattern.

COAT: Moderately long to long. Oily, lacquered appearance when ungroomed. Thicker and shorter on the shoulder blades and lower chest, with copious ruff. Close-knit undercoat thicker in winter than summer. Wavy coat unusual, but curls on belly and britches not so. Strong colours and defined patterns desirable, but secondary. Skin may have bluish tinge.

ALLOWANCES: buttons, spots or lockets.

PENALIZE: Underweight adults. Straight profile. Narrow or pointy muzzle. Almond shaped eyes. Very long legs.

VARIETIES: From Cat Fanciers Breed Standard – all colours possible. All colours accepted with or without white in Traditional class. In this class, blue golden is the same as golden with the tips blue rather than black. In Tabby, white/off white acceptable on chin, breast and stomach with buttons, spots and lockets acceptable in all colours. Pattern/colour descriptions same as for Persian. In Colorpoint, tortie, bicolour, mitted and lynx acceptable – mitted and bicolour descriptions same as for Ragdoll, tortie and lynx same as for Birman. No outcrosses acceptable for this breed.

PERSONALITY: Siberians are not shy or timid and aregreat companions, just like a dog – they’ll greet strangers and are very affectionate, with a triple purr and chirping sound when greeting you. They are fast learners, intelligent and well-able to get what they’re after. They answer to their name and their bushy stands erect and shimmers when they’re happy, which may look like spraying but isn’t. These cats are fascinated with water, inspecting not-quite-dry bathtubs and dropping toys into water dishes. An ideal lap cat, Siberians love to be spoken to and are very active when playing.

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