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Buying Siberian Kitten from Sincere and Knowledgeable Breeders Help Pet Owners to Own a Healthy Pet

If you think that breeders don’t really matter when getting a cute and friendly Siberian cat, think twice. Breeders matter most as to how a cat would behave in the later years with the owner and how resilient it would be to keep diseases at bay. In fact, breeders help to breed healthy cats, stop too much of line-breeding, and educate pet owners on ways to maintain a healthy Siberian cat.

Many potential pet owners learn about breeders before they pursue their hunt for a healthy Siberian feline pet. You can keep a checklist, ask questions, or seek advice from experts to opt for the right breeder. At any point of time, if you are not happy with the performance of the breeder, you can abandon your search to pick a Siberian cat kept for sale.

Buying the Right Kitten
To buy a suitable Siberian kitten, you must get the right breeder. You should primarily understand the traits of a successful breeder. Find out the breeders near your home and identify the useful traits as well as the unsuccessful traits of the breeder. Talk to the breeder and find out how they take care of the cats and what measures they take to breed healthy feline species. Some top health screening that should be done by the breeder includes:

  • FIV and FeLV testing
  • DNA testing
  • HCM heart scanning
  • Physiological checkups

…And, note that the breeder must provide a 2-year health guarantee. There must also be proper documentations of kitten purchase.

Identifying an Ethical Breeder
Siberian kittens require weaning till they are 10 weeks old. So, an ethical breeder would not sell a kitten prior to this age as it is vital for the kittens to imbibe social bonding and learn how to use their litter box. An efficient breeder would also:

  • Take measures to reduce inbreeding
  • Breed or nurture healthy cats with better genes
  • Assist pet owners on cat care
  • Participate in shows to assess the breeding techniques
  • Spay or neuter kittens prior to their going to the pet owner’s house

Top breeders are registered under authorized groups. Social networking sites often highlight reviews and articles on top breeders and how they take care of the kittens. Reference or testimonials also help buyers identify the breeder which can provide a healthy kitten.

Identifying a Properly Reared-Up Siberian Cat
Siberian kittens that are not reared up properly would show the following traits:

  • Undue suckling
  • Restlessness
  • Aggressive nature and interactions
  • Litter box rejection

The responsibility of the breeders does not end after selling the Siberian cat. The breeders must be available when you need them. They must advice what is best for the family and for the cat so that the pet gets a warm welcome in the family. Apart from vaccinations and other grooming concerns, the breeders must address psychological reactions that the pet may have after moving in to the new surroundings. Make sure your breeder considers these tips prior to selling off the kitten.

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