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Welcome Home: A New Cat in the Family

We often fantasize about how our pet is going to be once they arrive at their new home. A fluffy, adorable new cat can entertain the entire family. And, if you can keep a well-trained, clean, and not-so-fussy one, you can enjoy its presence even more.

A Warm Welcome
Here are some more tips to introduce a kitten to your family:

  • Keep other pets healthy, vaccinated
  • Introduce your cat calmly to other animals one at a time – a food bowl for instance will be a nasty start
  • Keep atmosphere neutral and happy
  • Allow other pets to move about freely in the house and get them adjust to the new smell, sound, and presence of the new pet.

A Safe Room
A safe room is generally a separate place in the house where your new cat can peaceful stay and take rest if she wants. Away from the other pets, she can enjoy her own space which should ideally consist of:

  • Food and water
  • Litter tray
  • Toys, and scratching and biting objects
  • Climbing structures

…It is prudent to keep your new cat in a separate confined area under your direct attention for at least 2 weeks. Not only will the pets adjust to the new feline friend but the cat will also get used to the new surroundings.

Tackling Interactions between Pets
Two situations can happen when your new cat starts residing in the household that has other pets as well:
Option 1
The other pets show curiosity toward the new cat cordially. If your new pet reciprocates this gesture, bring it closer – say, in a carrier – and allow the pets to smell one another.
Option 2
The other pets show signs of aggression. Hissing, foul mood, or fighting regularly can be signs that the new pet is not yet readily acceptable in the group. You should make a loud noise to stop the fight. For further assistance, take the help of a vet.
Option 3
The other pets seem keen to start the friendship but your new feline friend is still shy and huddles inside the safe room. If this continues for 2 weeks or more, start coaxing the cat with toys under the door of the safe room. You can place the food dish on either side of the door to entice them to come out of the room.

To help a new cat or kitten gel with the new environment along with other pets, make sure you do the following tasks:

  • Watch closely when your new pet is near the other pets
  • Provide individual attention to all pets, including the new one
  • Keep certain pets, such as birds to rodents out of reach from your feline pet
  • Limit the playtime involving kids at home to lower stress on the cat
  • Think about how you will manage daily pet care chores, such as feeding or litter box cleaning
  • Involve children at home to perform some pet care tasks

If you are having trouble in keeping your new feline friend friendly and calm, write to us for tips.

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